Hungarian Language Course

The Babilon Language School offers a 2 week intensive language course in Hungarian immediately prior to the beginning of each semester. (See the BSME academic calendar for the exact dates of the course.) This is optional and not included in the BSME tuition. The cost is 90,000 HUF and is payable to the Babilon Language School upon arrival in Budapest.

If you indicated on your application that you would like to participate in the language course, our Budapest office will then enroll you. If you did not indicate on your application that and would like to attend, please contact the BSME Budapest Office to enroll. You will receive an email from Babilon Language School, about a month before the language course begins, with details on the program.

Note: We strongly advise that you take this course, since it gives you an opportunity to adjust to Budapest before your BSME semester.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact the Babilon school directly:

Babilon Language School
1075 Budapest
Károly krt 3/a IV em

tel:  011-36-1-269-5531
fax: 011-36-1-322-6023