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Summer@BSME is a six-week summer program in Budapest for those interested in the learning and teaching of secondary mathematics. Participants take a variety of courses in mathematics education and complete a week-long field experience. Come experience the Hungarian approach to learning and teaching of mathematics—which emphasizes problem solving, creativity, and communication—as well as the rich and vibrant culture of Hungary.

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Dates for Summer 2018

Summer@BSME is a six-week program. We meet four hours a day, five days a week.

In 2018, Summer@BSME will run from early July to mid-August. The exact dates of the program will be determined and posted here in September, 2017.

See this page for a more detailed schedule of the Summer 2018 program.

Academic Program

Summer@BSME has two academic components: (a) courses in mathematics education and (b) field experience at a mathematics camp for secondary students. Participants learn about the Hungarian approach in their course work; in the field experience, they obtain first-hand experience on how the methods learned in the courses are put into practice.

Mathematics Education Courses: Participants typically take three or four courses from the following. Each is a half-credit course that meets roughly two hours a day, five days a week, for two weeks—for a total of 18 to 20 contact hours per summer. (Note: 1 contact hour equals 60 minutes.)

  • Discovery Learning: The Pósa Method
  • Problem Solving in Secondary School Mathematics
  • Concept Building through Games and Manipulatives
  • Technology in Mathematical Problem Solving

Field Experience: The field experience (i.e., Practicum) is a half-credit course that is required. It meets roughly four hours a day, five days a week, for one week—for a total of 18 to 20 contact hours.

  • Practicum: Experiencing the Hungarian Approach through Observation and Teaching

St. Olaf College is the School of Record for Summer@BSME and provides the transcripts.
See this page for how credits from BSME courses typically transfer to participants’ home institutions.


[Complete this section once we figure out the details of housing. Be sure to explain how meals will be provided during Week 6 (at MaMuT).]

Tuition and Costs

The tuition for the Summer 2018 program is $X,XXX.

Please see the following pages for details on tuition payment:

Below are costs that are not included in the tuition. Please note that these are based on the current exchange rate and the costs may vary as the rate fluctuates.

  • Transportation to and from Budapest: To be arranged by the participant.
  • Living costs: See table below. (Note: Utilities typically include water, electricity, heating, gas, internet, and common charges.) The costs are given in Hungarian forint (HUF). An estimated total over 6 weeks is [give range] HUF.
Expense description Estimated cost over 6 weeks
Rent (not including utilities) 100,000 HUF
Utilities 20,000 40,000 HUF
Food 30,000 90,000 HUF
Local transportation 15 000 HUF
Miscellaneous 30,000 60,000 HUF