Traveling to Budapest

Transportation costs to/from Budapest are not included in the BSME tuition.

What to Bring

Include the following items in your carry-on luggage:

  • Passport (and a photocopy to keep in a safe place in case you lose your passport)
  • Airline or train ticket
  • Any prescription medications you use
  • Your health insurance card
  • Major credit card
  • Official letter of acceptance on BSME letterhead
  • Letter for the airlines (5 pages) for those entering Hungary without a D type visa, in case the airlines have questions regarding your visit
  • The BSME Hotline number
  • Some cash to cover immediate expenses upon arrival
  • Further documents needed for the resident permit application:
    • Bank statement verifying you will have sufficient funds for your semester abroad. Somewhere around $1,000–$2,000 is appropriate. Be sure to cross out all identifying account numbers. The bank statement should be not older than 30 days at the time of the residence permit application.
    • Two color passport photos (only for students not needing a visa)
  • Anything you absolutely need for the first night, in case your baggage is delayed

Note: Summer@BSME participants will not be needing letter for the airlines nor documents for the resident permit application.

Although unlikely, a checked baggage may be placed on the wrong flight. Make sure your baggage is labeled inside and out with your final destination:

College International
1071 Budapest
Bethlen Gábor tér 2


A BSME representative will meet you upon arrival in Budapest.

Traveling by air:  Come off the plane, collect your luggage, and clear customs. You need to show your passport at this point. Afterwards, you will enter a large waiting room area. Look for the person holding up a sign that says “Budapest Semesters.”

Traveling by train: Get off the train, go to the engine of the train, and look for the person holding up a sign that says “Budapest Semesters.”

Important: If you do not find the BSME representative, do not panic, and do not leave the airport or the train station. Call the BSME Hotline number, and wait for the representative to arrive.

Personal Orientation

The BSME representative will accompany you to your residence in Budapest. She will give you a personal orientation of your “environment,” including your new neighborhood and how it works—i.e., where to catch public transportation and how to use it; where the food stores in your area are located; and to mark a route on your map of how to get from your residence to the BSME Campus. She will give you a welcome package including a survival guide, a map, and (for Fall & Spring participants) a sample/blank apartment lease contracts (more details in the Housing section).