Health Services

International Health Insurance

Before you travel to Budapest, you are required have a US (or equivalent) international health insurance that is valid in Hungary (and in countries to which you plan to travel), covering at least up to 40,000 USD of your health expenses, and is valid for your entire stay. We also encourage students to investigate additional travel insurance that may cover evacuation in the case of medical emergency.

Note: When you travel outside Budapest, you must use your international health insurance.

Swiss Clinic Health Services

Your tuition covers health services provided by Swiss Clinic. See plan description for details (note: although the document says BSM, BSME students are eligible for the same services).

To schedule an appointment, call +36 1 225 0566, 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday. For a list of available specialists see Annex 2 of the plan description.

24/7 emergency medical service: call +36 20 235 3505 to discuss your symptoms. Depending on the situation, a doctor or call may visit you at home or if hospitalization is needed, call the national ambulance for you. In non-urgent cases they will advise on the type of specialist care you may need at a doctor’s office.

Prescription Medications

If you take prescription medication, please contact the BSME Budapest Office ahead of your trip to see whether your medication is legal in Hungary.

  • If your medication does not contain narcotic or psychotropic substances, bring a supply for your entire stay.
  • If your medication contains narcotic or psychotropic substances and it is legal in Hungary, the document “Certificate for medical preparations carried by travelers”  needs to be filled out, sealed and signed by your doctor. Bring a supply of the medication for your entire stay along with the document.
  • If your medication is not legal in Hungary, be in touch with the BSME Budapest Office, and they will help you set up an appointment with a doctor in Hungary who can subscribe you a similar medication.

Mental Health

If you are taking medications for mental health reasons, we strongly advise that you continue to do so while in Budapest. If your medication is not available in Hungary, we suggest that you find an appropriate substitute before leaving for Budapest; and if that’s not possible, you should see a doctor in Budapest to find a substitute.

We believe that a student’s mental health is just as important as their physical well-being. Adjusting to the demands of academic challenges and a new urban environment can be stressful. Talking with a professional counselor can help you find ways to manage academic pressures, personal problems, and cultural adjustments.

There is a mental health counselor available for BSME students on site, free of charge. Please contact the BSME Budapest Office if you would like to make an appointment.


pharmacy is “gyógyszertár” in Hungarian, and can be identified by a green cross, as shown below.



  • There are several 24 hour pharmacies in Budapest. These have regular business hours, and after hours you must ring a bell outside the building and pay a small extra fee. (E.g. Teréz Patika: Budapest, 1067, Teréz körút 41.)
  • The medication containing paracetamol (Tylenol in the US) is called Panadol in Hungary, and that containing Ibuprophen is Nurofen or Algoflex.

Academic Accommodations

BSME is committed to providing all participants with equal access and opportunity to our academic environment. We can typically provide the same (or similar) academic accommodations to which you are currently entitled at your home institution. To qualify, you need to provide a reliable proof of conditions to the BSME Budapest Office. A signed letter from your learning disabilities office or advisor, or an email sent by an appropriate staff person from your home institution will suffice.