Budapest Highlights

A member of the European Union, Hungary developed its distinctive culture over a thousand-year history, blending influences from East and West. Budapest is the capital of Hungary with population of 2 million. It is a beautiful historical city, with one of the most vibrant cultures in Europe. Famous for its graceful bridges, green parks, and delicious food, Budapest is a remarkably safe and pleasant place.

BSME’s top choices include the following:


  • 256 px Battlements_and_Turrets_-_Castle_Hill_-_Buda_Side_-_Budapest_-_HungaryTake a boat ride on the Danube River to get a glance on the top sights of town and for a beautiful scenery.
  • Take a walk on the castle hill, explore the charming old streets, visit historical sights and museums, and admire the beautiful view.
  • Choose from the abundant cultural offerings including classical, jazz, world and pop music concerts, opera, theatre, and other exhibitions. 
  • Budapest is called the city of baths. Relax in the thermal water and enjoy the beauty of the historical bath buildings.


  • website photo1Szentendre is a picturesque little town on the Danube bank, easily reached from Budapest by suburban railway, boat, or bicycle.
  • Pécs is a charming city where history, culture, and nightlife go hand in hand. We also recommend taking an excursion or visit a wine cellar in the nearby Mecsek hills.
  • Lake Balaton, the “Hungarian Sea,” is worth a visit even in the colder months. Walk around the picturesque Tihany Peninsula, and take a hike in the surrounding hills and national parks.

Europe and beyond

  • Most European tourist destinations (Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, Crete, etc.) can be reached by cheap flights in about 2 hours.
  • Prague (with some of the most beautiful architecture in the world) and Croatia (with beautiful beaches and historical sights) can also be reached by train or bus.
  • Many Asian and African destinations are also easy to reach by plane.

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