Who Should Apply?

We welcome undergraduates and recent graduates who are interested in teaching middle school or high school mathematics. Participants must have completed at least one year of college and be 18 years in age by the time they enter BSME. (If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us before applying to the program.)

BSME participants may include, but are not limited to, students who are:

  • currently pursuing secondary mathematics teaching license at their home institutions,
  • planning to pursue other paths to mathematics licensure such as a master’s program or alternative certification programs, or
  • simply curious about learning and teaching of mathematics, particularly the student-centered approach.

Note: BSME also welcomes in-service teachers, especially to Summer@BSME.

We expect BSME participants who are mathematically strong. Regardless, the mathematical content of our courses will have a “low threshold, high ceiling” nature, i.e., accessible without a lot of prerequisite knowledge, but offering possibilities for very rich exploration. This is important, since we want our future teachers to understand that all students can have an authentic experience of mathematics.