BSME Instructors

Márta BarbaricsIMG_7086.jpg

Márta teaches mathematics at Petrik Lajos bilingual school (grades 9-12), where she investigates the effectiveness of implementing the Pósa method in public school setting. She is also a PhD student at the Language Pedagogy Programme of Eötvös Loránd University where she conducts research on alternative forms of assessment such as assessment based on gamification.

Zoltán GyenesInstructor Zoltán Gyenes

Zoltán teaches mathematics (grades 7-12) at Fazekas Mihály School in Budapest. He participated in the International Mathematics Olympiad as a student, and now he is a trainer of the Hungarian team. He teaches at various mathematics camps in Hungary, including those founded by Lajos Pósa and the Camp of Mathematical Amusements.

Péter JuhászInstructor Péter Juhász

Péter is a Research Fellow at the Rényi Institute of Mathematics, and he teaches mathematics (grades 7-12) at Szent István Secondary School in Budapest. He has extensive experience teaching mathematics and mathematics education to college/university students, as well as teaching mathematics to secondary students. Péter is the chief organizer of various mathematics camps in Hungary, including those founded by Lajos Pósa and the Camp of Mathematical Amusements. He directs the Joy of Thinking Foundation, whose aim is to promote mathematics education of gifted students in Hungary.

Anna KissInstructor Anna Kiss

Anna teaches mathematics (grades 5-6) at Kincskereső School in Budapest, an alternative school which integrates children with learning difficulties, as well as those with emotional and/or behavioral difficulties, into the school community. She has taught mathematics at various levels from elementary school to college. She has taught geometry, set theory, logic, and mathematics teaching methods at the Faculty of Primary and Pre-school Education of ELTE University.

Fruzsina KollányiAG_20160905_1177_web.jpg

Fruzsina teaches mathematics (grades 9-12) at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. She also teaches computer programming at Skool, a non-profit organization that provides technological knowledge to young girls and women, and develops digital education programs for underprivileged Roma youngsters at BAGázs Association. She has master’s degrees in Mathematics Education and in Cognitive Science, and she has also studied English and Psychology.

Balázs KorenAG_20160905_1249_web.jpg

Balázs teaches mathematics education (including computer aided learning) at ELTE University and mathematics (grades 9-12) at Fazekas Mihály School in Budapest, all the while working towards his PhD in mathematics education. He is a member of the GeoGebra Team, and has been invited to talk at conferences around the world to share his knowledge and experience on using technology in the classroom. He also works on the GEOMATECH project, whose goal is to use technology to improve K-12 STEM education in Hungary.

András Sándorsandor-andras

András is a PhD fellow at the Central European University studying singularity theory and algebraic geometry. He teaches mathematics at the Közgazdasági Politechnikum alternative secondary school. He also teaches in mathematics camps for gifted students organized by the Joy of Thinking Foundation.

Péter SimonSimon Petya fotó

Péter is a PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University, his research interest is extremal graph theory. He teaches in various mathematics programs organized by the Joy of Thinking Foundation. He also prepares students for the application to his former school, University of Cambridge, where he taught two courses for undergraduate students at the Pembroke-King’s Summer Programme for four years.

Réka SzászDirector & Instructor, Réka Szász

Réka is the Hungarian Director of BSME, and she teaches mathematics (grades 5-12) at Lauder Javne School in Budapest. She has taught mathematics and mathematics education at various institutions, including the University of Toronto, University College London and the Central European University. She is familiar with secondary mathematics curricula from Hungary, the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. After completing her PhD in mathematics education, she conducted research on developing the mathematical knowledge of teachers at the University of Toronto.