Accepted Students

Required Post-Acceptance Forms

Upon acceptance to BSME, you will be given access to various post-acceptance forms. These forms are required for participation in the program. Please complete and submit them as soon as possible. This will give us ample time for scheduling and coordinating.

Visa / Residence Permit

US and Canadian students will not need a visa or a residence permit, since their stay in Hungary will be less than 90 days. International students must check with their home country consulates for the most current and accurate information. Please read the information provided in this link for more details.


Make sure you have a passport that is valid until the end of your planned stay in Hungary. If you need a visa, your passport must be valid for six months after the end of your stay.

Health Insurance

Make sure you have a US (or equivalent) international health insurance that is valid in Hungary (and countries you plan to travel to) covering at least up to 40,000 USD of your health expenses, and is valid for your entire stay.  Read more on Health Services.

Prescription medications

If you use prescription medications, please take steps described on the Health Services page.

Program Costs

Please check the Program Costs page of our website for details.

Banking and Phones

Please check the Living in Budapest (essentials) page of our website for details you need to arrange with your bank and cell phone provider.

Traveling to Budapest

Please read the section Traveling to Budapest on our website.

Cultural Differences

Here are some cultural differences that you may experience while living in Budapest.

More Information

Read the Logistics sections of our website for information on the logistics of living in Budapest.