Food & Shopping

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There are many supermarkets, neighborhood convenience stores in Budapest. It is also worth exploring your local market (besides the Great Market Hall at Fovam ter).

Lunch Options (Near the BSME Building)

  • College Cafeteria (located in the basement)
    • Sandwiches, pastries, snacks, and hot/cold drinks are available during opening hours: 8 AM – 4 PM (Mon–Thu) and  8 AM – 1 PM (Fri).
    • Hot dishes are served daily from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM.
  • Goat Herder – Espresso Bar (soup, sandwiches and salads) at Istvan utca 5.
  • Find Food is a small lactose free soup, salad and vegetable stew place just across the street in Istvan utca.
  • Mennyország Szíve is a tiny vegan place with a Malaysian chef at Nefelejcs u. 3.
  • Bethlen Gábor Street offers many inexpensive opportunities: Lipóti pékség (bakery and café), Burger King and Mcdonald’s (near Baross tér).
  • Kalicka – Hamburgers and more at Rottenbiller utca 32.
  • The cafeteria of the Veterinary University (kitty-corner from the building). Building 4 or “G” houses the cafeteria (the same building in which the basketball gymnasium is found), and it offers hearty Hungarian options at good prices.

Shopping Malls

Downtown shopping malls:

Personal Items, Medicines

There are some chains—such as DM, Rossmann, and Müller—which sell toiletries and other personal care items, but carry only a limited selection of medicines (non-prescription only). They have locations throughout the city and in shopping malls.

All prescription and most non-prescription drugs can only be purchased at a pharmacy. (For more information, see Pharmacies under the Health Services section.)

Books in English

Large bookstores: These have English sections.

English language bookstores: