Program Overview

Academic Overview

A BSME semester lasts 15 weeks (14 weeks of classes and 1 week of exams). We offer complementary experiences that support participants’ understanding of the learning and teaching of mathematics. The sections below describe the various components of the BSME academic program.

Mathematics Education Courses

BSME typically offers the following courses that have a shared goal of engaging participants in the Hungarian approach to learning and teaching.

All BSME courses lie at the intersection of mathematics and education. But they differ in the emphasis placed on each discipline.

  • GPS and DLP have an increased mathematical content. They provide participants with the experience of learning mathematics through the Hungarian pedagogy, so they can acquire firsthand understanding of the values of those experiences for learners.
  • GMP, PRC, and DRS, while deeply situated in mathematics, have an increased focus on teaching methodology and on implementing the Hungarian pedagogy in the classroom setting.

Courses Cross-Listed with BSME

The following types of courses are cross-listed with BSME, hence they will appear on your BSME transcript.

BSM mathematics courses: BSM offers a large selection of interesting and challenging mathematics courses. Typical BSM course offerings are on this page.

  • You may take at most one BSM mathematics course.
  • Those who wish to take a BSM mathematics course are required to attend the BSM academic orientation.
  • You are welcome to take any BSM mathematics course, except for RES Research Opportunities. If you’re not sure which one you should take, please ask us!
  • BSM mathematics courses tend to be more challenging than typical undergraduate courses. Be sure to check the syllabi of these courses for the prerequisite knowledge needed.

Humanities/Language/Culture courses:

  • We also offer courses in humanities, language, and/or culture that are cross-listed with BSME. Please ask us for the list of such courses during each semester.

McDaniel Courses

BSME students can take courses offered by McDaniel College in the same building as BSME.

  • Certain psychology and communication courses offered by McDaniel are cross-listed with BSME and will appear on your BSME transcript. For other McDaniel courses you will receive a certificate upon completion. Please contact the BSME Budapest Office for details.
  • The McDaniel academic calendar slightly differs from the BSME calendar.
  • If you wish to take a McDaniel course,  please contact the BSME Budapest Office.

Pre-Semester Survival Hungarian and Culture Course

Survival Hungarian and Culture Course, a two-and-a-half week course in Hungarian culture and practical language skills, is offered at the beginning of the semester.