Visa/Residence Permit

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North American citizens:

As a student studying and living in Budapest for more than 90 days, you will be required to obtain a residence permit after your arrival in Budapest. (Note: You do not need a visa to enter Hungary.) The fee for this process is around 18,000 HUF plus the property page (i.e., proof of housing), which is about 5,000 HUF. The BSME Budapest Office will assist you through the process—please contact us with any questions.

Click on the following links for the letter for the airport officials (English and Hungarian), in case they have questions or concerns regarding the purpose of your visit to Hungary.

Be sure to bring the following to Budapest:

  • Passport
  • Two color passport photos for your residence permit application
  • Official letter of acceptance on BSME letterhead
  • Bank statement verifying you will have sufficient funds for your semester abroad. Somewhere around $1,000–2000 is appropriate. Be sure to cross out all identifying account numbers.
  • A photocopy of your health insurance card

Non-North American citizens:

You may need a visa in order to enter Hungary. Check with your home country about requirements or restrictions. The process to obtain a visa can be lengthy so you will want to allow yourself enough time to complete all the necessary steps—we advise you start the process as soon as you receive the letter of acceptance from BSME. Please make sure that your required travel documents do not expire within six months of leaving Hungary (after the completion of your BSME semester). For more information on visa policies/procedures, contact the BSME Budapest Office.