Schedule & Syllabi (Spring 2020)

BSME Mathematics Education Courses

Updated schedule after switching to online instruction from March 23rd

See the BSME calendar below. Class times are given in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time), but will appear in your local time once you add it to your own google calendar.


Original schedule (until March 11th)

  8–10  GMP 8:30
  PRC visit / OBM1
10–12DLP 10:30
10:05 PRC+Lunch3
PRC visit / OBM1
DLP 12:30
  2–4 GMP


  1. You will receive details of school visits via email. BSM students please email if interested.
  2. Workshops will happen occasionally, participation is optional, but can be counted towards BSME courses
  3. There will be an optional buy/bring your own BSME lunch on Thursdays 11:45 AM – 12:30 PM
  4. Classes start at 15 minutes past the hour unless otherwise indicated
  • PRC Practicum (Fruzsina Kollányi / Réka Szász)
  • DLP Discovery Learning: The Pósa Method (Péter Juhász)
  • GPS  Teaching Geometry through Problem Solving (Zoltán Gyenes)
  • GMP Gamification and Playfulness in Teaching Mathematics (Márta Barbarics)
  • DRS Directed Research: Discovery Learning in Secondary Schools (Márta Barbarics)
  • DRT Directed Research: Task Design (Réka Szász, Info session: Feb 6 Thursday 2:20-2:35PM, Rm 002)
  • OBM Classroom Observations in Mathematics (Fruzsina Kollányi / Réka Szász) – compact version of Practicum for BSM students

BSME Field Experience

Field Experience at Derkovits School (Info session: Feb 6 Thursday, 2:05-2:20 PM, Rm 002)

BSM Mathematics Courses

BSM offers a large selection of interesting and challenging mathematics courses. You may take at most one BSM mathematics course. Those who wish to take a BSM mathematics course is required to attend the BSM academic orientation, which is held on Friday before the first day of classes. 

  • AL1 Introduction to Abstract Algebra
  • MAN Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
  • CO1.A Combinatorics 1
  • CO1.B Combinatorics 1
  • C&P Conjecture and Proof
  • MPS Mathematical Problem Solving
  • NEG Non-Euclidean Geometries
  • PRO Probability Theory
  • SET Set Theory
  • THC Theory of Computing
  • TOP Introduction to Topology

Note: BSM mathematics courses tend to be more challenging than typical undergraduate courses. Be sure to check the syllabus of each course for the prerequisite knowledge needed.

Humanities/Language/Culture Courses

  • COM 3352 Intercultural Communication
  • FILM Great Masters of European Film
  • HL1 Beginner Hungarian Language
  • HL2 Intermediate Hungarian Language
  • HUC Hungarian Art and Culture
  • HUP Hungarian + – NON CREDIT
  • MUS Hungarian Music in the 20th century – Classical, Folk and Popular
  • PHI Philosophy of Mathematics
  • PSY 1106 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 2215 Cognitive Psychology

If interested in communication or psychology courses, please contact Réka Szász. For other courses and syllabi, please see the BSM website (you can attend without special notice).

McDaniel Courses

Complete list of McDaniel course offerings for this term. If you wish to take a McDaniel course,  please contact Réka Szász.

AIT Courses

If you wish to take an AIT course, please contact Réka Szász.

PE Classes

  • Basketball: Mondays 10:15-11:45 AM
  • Yoga: Tuesdays 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Salsa: Tuesdays 5:30-7:00 PM
  • Badminton: Wednesdays 12:30 – 2:00 PM
  • Aerobics: Thursdays 10:15-11:45 AM
  • PE classes start on week 2 of the semester, and meet 10 times. Check with the instructor for details.
  • We will email you the sign up sheet at the start of the semester.
  • McDaniel students have a priority, so not all PE classes might be available for BSM/BSME students.
  • Classes meet at the gym of the Veterinary University (opposite corner of Bethlen Gábor tér than the BSME building, same building as the cafeteria, Budapest, István u. 2, 1078, Building G). Ball games meet in the gym, salsa/yoga meet in the studio, which has a separate entrance from the outside of the building, closer to István street, and weight training meets in the weight room in the basement.
  • A PE class will be listed on your BSME transcript with 0 credit earned. If you take two PE classes, you will earn 0.25 credit total on your BSME transcript.

You can also use the weight room at the gym, see this page for more information.