Required Online Forms

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Upon acceptance to BSME, you will be asked to complete these online forms:

  1. Medical form is used should there be a medical emergency.
  2. Housing/Roommate form is used to determine housing assignments coordinated through the BSME Budapest Office. (Please do not look for housing on your own.) You will be informed of your housing assignments a few weeks prior to your arrival in Budapest.
  3. Travel plans form is used so that a BSME representative can meet you at the airport or train station. If your travel plans change after submitting the form, be sure to enter and re-submit your updated plans on the online form.
  4. BSME transcripts form. When your semester is complete, your official BSME transcript will be sent to the addresses you provide this form. Typically one is sent to your home institution and to yourself.
  5. Waiver Form/Release Agreement. A student cannot participate in the program until we have received the signed waiver form. Both the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) need to sign the form.

Note that the above forms are required for participation in the program. Please complete and submit them as soon as possible, allowing ample time for scheduling and coordinating.