Required Online Forms

Upon acceptance to BSME, you will be given access to these online forms through our application system:

  1. Medical Information Form is used in case of a medical emergency.
  2. Housing/Roommate Form is used to determine housing assignments coordinated through the BSME Budapest Office. You will be informed of your housing assignments a few weeks prior to your arrival in Budapest. (Please do not look for housing on your own.)
  3. Travel and Visa Form is used so we can better assist you with your travel to Hungary. If your travel plans change after submitting the form, be sure to enter and re-submit your updated plans on the form.
  4. Transcript Release Form. When your BSME semester is complete, your official BSME transcript will be sent to the addresses you provide on this form.
  5. BSME Release Agreement. A student cannot participate in the program until we have received the signed release agreement form. The student and parent(s)/guardian(s) will both need to sign the form.
  6. BSME/BSM Media Waiver.  This form is used to grant or decline your permission to use any photographs of yourself or quotes on BSME/BSM promotional materials.

Note: The above forms are required for participation in the program. Please complete and submit them as soon as possible. This will give us ample time for scheduling and coordinating.