Living in Budapest

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A member of the European Union, Hungary developed its distinctive culture over a thousand-year history, blending influences from East and West. Budapest is the capital of Hungary with population of 2 million. It is a beautiful historical city, with one of the most vibrant cultures in Europe. Famous for its graceful bridges, green parks, and delicious food, Budapest is a remarkably safe and pleasant place.

Personal orientation:

The BSME representative who meets your upon arrival at the airport or train station should also give you a personal orientation of your “environment,” including your new neighborhood and how it works—i.e., where to catch public transportation and how to use it; where the food stores in your area are located; and to mark a route on your map of how to get from your residence to the BSME Campus.

Living costs:

Below is a summary of monthly living costs in Budapest. Note that these are not included in the BSME tuition.

Expense description Cost
Rent (including utilities) $500–700
Food $250–400
Local transportation (see below) $100
Miscellaneous $100–150

Local transportation:

A monthly pass, permitting unlimited use of all means of public transportation (subway, bus, streetcar), costs $60. Essentially, all points of the city can be reached by public transportation. A taxi will take passengers between any two points in town for less than $25.


Your mailing address in Budapest will be as follows.

For letters only:

[Name of Student]
College International
Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education
1406 Budapest 76
PO Box 51

For packages, FedEx, etc.:

[Name of Student]
College International
Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education
1071 Budapest
Bethlen Gabor tér 2

Internet access:

There is free wireless network available in the BSME Campus for student use. Most students choose to bring a personal laptop; however, computers are available for use on the BSME Campus. Off-campus internet cafés charge a nominal fee and are available throughout Budapest, and most apartments have high-speed internet connections.