Community Contract for COVID-19 Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic and the risks posed to the BSME community require that each of us observe heightened safety precautions. We have designed a set of policies and procedures to minimize the incidence and spread of COVID-19 within the BSME community. These are outlined in our COVID-19 Return Plan, which we expect you to read carefully.

To set a clear expectation of your commitment to our safety policies and procedures, each BSME student is required to acknowledge their agreement with the contract below as a condition of their participation in BSME.

I agree to the following:

Pre-Departure and Arrival:

  • I will participate in the pre-departure orientation.
  • I will provide proof of vaccination.
  • I will comply with all travel and visa requirements that may affect my entry into Hungary.
  • Upon arriving in Budapest, I will complete a 7-day soft quarantine and follow the guidelines as outlined in the BSME COVID-19 Return Plan, if currently required by the program.

Monitor and Care:

  • I will monitor my health daily and report any COVID-19 symptoms, exposure, or positive test result to the BSME Student Coordinator. 
  • If I am experiencing symptoms, I will self-isolate in my apartment room and participate in classes remotely until I receive a COVID test.
  • I will self-test with an antigen test provided by the program and report results to the program if such a requirement is in place.
  • If I receive a positive test result, I agree to be moved to hotel isolation where I will be monitored, provided food, and participate in coursework remotely until I am no longer a transmission risk.


  • While in my apartment, I will act responsibly to limit possible transmission of COVID-19.
  • While in the BSME classrooms, I will abide by the mask currently required by the program.
  • I agree to not have any visitors in my apartment or in the BSME classroom building.

Personal Travel:

  • I understand that personal travel during the semester may increase exposure to COVID-19, and that I embark on personal travel at my own risk and expense.
  • Prior to any personal travel, I will inform the Student Coordinator and provide contact information where I will be accessible for the duration of said travel.

Program and Local / Regional / National Regulations:

  • I will adhere to all BSME program regulations. I understand that these regulations may be revised and updated based on the current COVID-19 situation in Hungary.
  • I will adhere to all local, regional, and national regulations. I understand that these regulations may include (but are not limited to) closing of classroom buildings, local curfew or lockdown, or national evacuation. 

Participation in BSME:

  • I have read the BSME COVID-19 Return Plan and agree to adhere to the safety standards as outlined in that document.
  • I understand that participation in BSME is contingent upon following these standards.
  • I understand that not following the standards may result in removal from BSME.