Application (Summer 2021)

Application Overview

There is no cost to apply to BSME. The application consists of the following components.

  • Application form, including:
    • Questions about your contact/background information.
    • Personal statement describing why you wish to participate in BSME.
  • Unofficial college transcript. Please email it to

Click here for the application form

Deadline and Regulations

The application is due on June 6, 2021 at 11:59pm CT.

Application regulations:

  • We accept applications on a rolling basis. Your application will be reviewed within a week after all required parts have been submitted. Apply early!
  • Most schools have specific requirements students must fulfill before they study abroad. It is important that you check with your college/university to make sure you meet these requirements and will receive BSME transfer credit and all possible financial aid.
  • Participants must have completed at least one year of college and be 18 years in age by the time they enter BSME. (If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us before applying.)

Registration Fee

Due to limited space, participants must pay a registration fee of $50 per course to secure a spot in the course. After you’ve been admitted to the program, you will receive instruction from the BSME North American Office regarding payment. All fees must be paid in full by June 9, 2021 and it is non-refundable after this date.

There is also a transcript fee at a flat rate of $450, regardless of the number of courses taken. This is an optional fee. However, you must pay it in order to receive an official transcript and earn credits that you can transfer to your home institution.