Academic Schedule (Summer 2020)

Dates & Courses

Summer online program will run for five weeks from Monday, June 29 to Friday, July 31.

  • Monday, June 29: Welcome party & Orientation
  • Tuesday, June 30 – Tuesday, July 14:
    • GPS Teaching Geometry through Problem Solving
    • GMP Gamification and Playfulness in Teaching Mathematics
  • Wednesday, July 15 – Thursday, July 30:
    • PRC Practicum: Experiencing the Hungarian Approach through Observation and Teaching
    • DLP Discovery Learning: The Pósa Method
  • Friday, July 31: Farewell party

In the schedule below, times are given in Budapest time (UTC+2). This is equivalent to:

5pm–7:15pm8am – 10:15am9am – 11:15am10am – 12:15pm11am – 1:15pm
7:45pm–10pm10:45am – 1pm11:45am – 2pm12:45pm – 3pm1:45pm – 4pm


To view the schedule in your own time zone, open the BSME calendar and add it to your own calendar by clicking on the + sign at the lower right corner.  

Week 1Mon 6/29Tue 6/30Wed 7/1Thu 7/2Fri 7/3
5–7:15pm BudapestIntroGPSGPSGPSGPS
7:45–10pm BudapestIntroGMPGMPGMPGMP
Week 2Mon 7/6Tue 7/7Wed 7/8Thu 7/9Fri
5–7:15pm BudapestGPSGPSGPSGPSWorkshop
7:45–10pm BudapestGMPGMPGMPGMPSocial
Week 3Mon 7/13Tue 7/14Wed 7/15Thu 7/16Fri
5–7:15pm BudapestGPSGPSPRCPRCWorkshop
7:45–10pm BudapestGMPGMPDLPDLPSocial
Week 4Mon 7/20Tue 7/21Wed 7/22Thu 7/23Fri
5–7:15pm BudapestPRCPRCPRCPRCWorkshop
7:45–10pm BudapestDLPDLPDLPDLPSocial
Week 5Mon 7/27Tue 7/28Wed 7/29Thu 7/30Fri
5–7:15pm BudapestPRCPRCPRCPRCFarewell
7:45–10pm BudapestDLPDLPDLPDLP 

Technical Information (only the current students have access):