Academic Schedule (Summer 2019)

Dates for Summer 2019

Summer@BSME is a six-week program.

  • Program begins on Monday, July 1. (Recommended arrival: Saturday, June 29.)
  • Program ends on Saturday, August 10.

Week 1

July 1-5

This week introduces students to Hungarian mathematics education, language, and culture (including a grade 7 lesson observation). Besides, Arthur Benjamin mathemagician will give a talk on Secrets of Mental Math.

Detailed schedule (subject to small changes)

Weeks 2 through 5

You will take the following mathematics education courses.

  • DLP Discovery Learning: The Pósa Method (8 x 150 min sessions)
  • PSM Problem Solving in Secondary School Mathematics (8 x 150 min sessions)
  • TCH Technology in Mathematical Problem Solving (9 x 134 min sessions)
  • PRC Practicum (in-class component: various sessions)

All classes and events (unless otherwise indicated) will take place in Room 107 of the BSME Building.

Week 2 (July 8–12): 

1:00–3:30TCH TCHPSM 12:30PRC*

*PRC: Workshop on Lénárt Spheres (István Lénárt)

Week 3 (July 15–19): 

1:00–3:30TCHTCHPSM 12:30TCH

Weeks 4 and 5 (July 22 – August 2): 


*July 23rd Tuesday 2-3:30 Polyuniverse Worskhop (János Saxon Szász, Zsuzsanna Dárdai) as part of PRC

Week 6

  • Sunday, Aug 4: Travel (as a group) to Mátrafüred.
  • Monday through Friday, Aug 5-9: Field experience component of PRC Practicum at a mathematics camp for secondary students. You will attend mathematics classes with the students to gain first-hand experience of the Hungarian student-centered learning environment. You will engage in discussions about pedagogy with camp instructors and have the opportunity to assist with various camp activities (e.g., implementing a mathematics workshop for students).
  • Saturday, Aug 10: Farewell party; the end of the program.
  • Sunday, Aug 11: Travel (as a group) back to Budapest.