Academic Regulations

Due to the COVID-19 situation, BSME is offering online programs in the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters, for which different academic regulations apply.

Academic Orientation

At the beginning of the semester, there is a BSME academic orientation which all participants are required to attend. Consult the BSME academic calendar for the date of the orientation for each semester.

Students who wish to take a BSM mathematics course is required to attend the BSM academic orientation, which is held on Friday before the first day of classes.

Course Registration

The BSME semester starts with a trial period of three weeks, when you can sit in as many classes as you wish. By the end of the trial period, you need to register for the courses that you actually plan to take. Consult the BSME academic calendar for the registration deadline in each semester.

The registration is done online using the BSM/BSME registration software. You will receive your login and password via email by the second week of the semester. For security reasons, please change your login and password immediately the first time you use the system.

Your online registration must be approved by Réka Szász, after meeting her in person.

Note: You will be allowed to register only for those courses which you attended during the week of the registration, that is, the third week of the semester.

Auditing a course

There are two ways to audit a course.

  1. If you are sure from the beginning that you only want to audit a course, you may register for the course and request the audit option immediately (see #2 below). Please note that audited classes will count toward your course load as well (and an auditing person will count toward the class size).
  2. You may change a course that you are taking for a grade to an audit option at any time during the semester, using the BSM/BSME registration software. (Go to My courses →  Select the course in question → Click for audit request at the bottom of the page.)

You also need the approval of the instructor of the course. They will do this electronically and you will receive an email when your request is approved.

Note: It may be possible to change a course to an audit option upon receiving your draft transcript at the end of the semester. Such a request must be submitted to Réka Szász, either in person or by email, within three days after receiving your draft transcript.

Dropping a course

In order to drop a course from your schedule, you must request it online via the BSM/BSME registration software by the drop deadline. The request dropping a course link is located on the homepage of that course.

  • Go to My courses →  Select the course in question →  Click for drop request

To finalize the drop process, you need the approval of the instructor of the course. They will also do this online and you will receive an email when your request is approved. You can only drop a course that you attended for two or more weeks prior to requesting to drop it.

Failure to follow the above procedure will result in a NA (non-attending) grade for the course that will appear in your BSME transcript, considered by many home institutions as Fail.

Midterm and Final Grades

During the semester, you can see your Midterm Assessment Grade (MAG) for each course using the BSM/BSME registration software:

  • Go to My courses →  Select the course in question →  Study information

You will receive an email when the MAG for a course becomes available. The MAG is assigned by your instructor, and reflects your performance in the course to date.

You will receive a draft (unofficial) copy of your BSME transcript at the Farewell party held at the end of each semester.


Attendance in BSME classes is required and participation is expected. Both will factor into your course grade. Please organize your travels and other activities in a way that they do not conflict with classes. If you need to miss a class, you must obtain the instructor’s permission in advance. (Naturally, if you have health issues, simply stay home and rest until you’re feeling fine, but please let the instructor and Réka know.)