Housing (Summer)

Important: If you plan to arrive in Budapest prior to July 1 or depart after August 12, you will need to arrange for accommodations. See below for details.

Weeks 1 through 5

During the first five weeks of the program, you will live in the dormitory of Szent Ignác Jesuit College. It is located in downtown Budapest, just a few metro stops from the BSME Campus.

Details of Szent Ignác dormitory:

  • Two BSME participants share a bedroom and a private bathroom.
  • There is a common kitchen, dining area, and study room.
  • The cost is 70,000 HUF per student for the five weeks.
  • The move-in date is Sunday, July 1.

Meals in Budapest: Participants must arrange their own meals. There are plenty of grocery stores and restaurants near the Szent Ignác dormitory and the BSME Campus.

Week 6

During Week 6, you will live in a house near the mathematics camp for secondary students, where the field experience will take place. It is located in the beautiful village of Mátrafüred, on the southern side of the Mátra mountains.

Details of Mátrafüred house:

  • Two to four BSME participants share a bedroom.
  • There is a common kitchen and dining area.
  • The cost is roughly 30,000 HUF per student for the week.
  • The move-out date is Sunday, August 12.
  • The BSME Budapest Office will arrange the transportation from Szent Ignác dormitory to Mátrafüred (on August 5) and from Mátrafüred to downtown Budapest or the Budapest airport (on August 12).

Meals in Mátrafüred: The mathematics camp where the BSME participants will spend their days provides three meals a day for about 3,000 HUF per day. These meals do not accommodate for special dietary needs. If you have special dietary needs, we can help you order meals from a catering company; you can also buy food at a grocery store.

Housing amenities

  • Both Szent Ignác dormitory and Mátrafüred house come furnished with basic and necessary items such as furniture, sheets, kitchenware, etc.
  • However, the Mátrafüred house does not provide towels, so participants are advised to bring their own or purchase them in Hungary.
  • Both residences have washers, but not dryers. (You can easily hang dry your clothes.)

Private rooms

Subject to availability, you may choose to stay in a private bedroom at the Szent Ignác dormitory and/or the Mátrafüred house. Please note that you will have to pay double the cost at each residence.

Housing payment

BSME participants must pay the full housing costs for all six weeks and for meals at the mathematics camp (if applicable) on July 2. This non-refundable payment must be made in Hungarian forint cash.

Damage deposit

Also on July 2, BSME participants must pay the damage deposit for housing. This 70, 000 HUF fee is refundable at the end of the program and must be made in Hungarian forint cash.

Accommodations before and after the program

BSME provides housing accommodations from July 1 to August 12 (i.e., these are the move-in and move-out dates). If you need accommodations before or after these dates, the following options are available.

Before July 1:

  • Reserve an apartment or a room through www.airbnb.com; or a hostel bed or a hotel room through booking.com. Be sure to reserve early, as places book up fast!
  • We are happy to help. Email us or ask for assistance through the Housing/Roommate form.

After August 12 in Budapest: We can reserve space for you in the Szent Ignác dormitory. Note that this will cost more than during the program.

After August 12 in Mátrafüred: We can reserve space for you at the Mátrafüred house. You must arrange your own transportation back to Budapest—you may take a bus to Budapest, then a cab to the airport.

Note: To reserve a space in Szent Ignác or Mátrafüred after August 12, please indicate as such in the Housing/Roommate form. You may also reserve a room on your own.